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Meanwhile, Trivette finds himself taking care of a dog named "Old Blue" after he and Walker save it from drowning after it was thrown into a lake. Meanwhile, Evie (Kim Myers), a young woman who works in the Ranger Office falls in love with a man named Tommy Williams, who unbeknownst to her, is actually the renegade vigilante Walker's looking for.Before a condemned man's execution, Walker finds new evidence that may clear the man's name.Bank robber Roy Buchanan is accidentally arrested, but when he is let go, he not only has Walker and Trivette on his heels, but a deadly bounty hunter by the name of Waxwell as well. Trivette is up the river—and in very hot water—when he goes undercover in prison and finds himself trapped with other convicts during a brutal escape attempt while a hurricane is going on.Then Walker races to stop Waxwell from murdering Roy's brother Ned when it's discovered he was unwittingly involved. Now Walker must find Trivette before he is exposed. To protect himself, Kilmer abducts Billy's wife Frances (Marsha Dietlein) and son Billy Jr.

A total of 201 episodes aired from April 21, 1993, to May 19, 2001.Walker clashes with Agent Escalanti (Marco Rodríguez) & the FBI after he arrests criminal Mickey Flanders (Benjamin Mouton) who feels himself to be above the law because of his sister Lainie Flanders's (Judith Hoag) involvement in the Witness Protection Program and he Trivette and Alex must find a way to ensure a conviction before the FBI sets him free.Meanwhile, Walker befriends a young boy named Archie (Brady Bluhm) after saving him from some bullies. Victor Slade (Ken Kercheval), a veterinarian investigating the strange deaths of local animals is killed in what appears to be a drunk driving accident, and his daughter Ally (Cali Timmins) teams up with Walker and Trivette to prove otherwise.Davies), the Yakuza follows Cabe (Andrew Robinson) back to the States, and East meets the Wild West when Walker and Trivette are sent to protect Cabe.However, Cabe might be lying about his relations with the Yakuza.

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