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Crown counsel Allison Dellandrea read aloud several extremely graphic chat exchanges the former Ontario deputy minister of education had with undercover officers he believed were submissive mothers interested in having sex with their own children.

The 63-year-old married father of three repeatedly and consistently claimed to have had sex with his own daughters, starting at age 12 (though, as he told one of the officers, “I wish we’d started younger.”).

* Evolves as scientific knowledge of addiction recovery evolves.

The SMART Recovery 4-Point Program employs a variety of tools and techniques to help individuals gain independence from addiction and addictive behaviours.

These tools include: – Stages of Change – Change Plan Worksheet – Cost/Benefit Analysis (Decision Making Worksheet) – ABCs of REBT for Urge Coping – ABCs of REBT for Emotional Upsets – DISARM (Destructive Images and Self-talk Awareness & Refusal Method) – Hierarchy of Values – Brainstorming – Role-playing and Rehearsing – USA (Unconditional Self-Acceptance) SMART Recovery British Columbia, Canada has many meetings across B.Levin — who was a member of Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team — has pleaded guilty to the making of written child pornography, possession of child pornography and counseling to commit sexual assault on a child.He has not been charged with actually carrying out a sexual assault on a child.The main focus of training is to help meeting participants become meeting Facilitators and interested professionals become SMART Recovery Champions.We run an innovative, 20 hour online learning platform which includes videos, quizzes, written exercises and reading materials.

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