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But I guess I will have to do some thinking myself :).

Meanwhile FYI for anyone using Jay Data; I did run into an issue not Telerik specific; I use the Jay Data client side framework as my data provider; this component seems to always use the en-US locale. But, Telerik controls of course will work with the selected locale, which can be an issue if you try to display and edit values directly via Jay Data.

The Range Validator does exactly what the name implies; it makes sure that the user input is within a specified range.

You can use it to validate both numbers, strings and dates, which can make it useful in a bunch of cases.

This will work when the user logs in, but not if he changes the languages during the session.It's only valid if the date is within 2006, and a cool sideeffect is that the date is also checked for validity.Have a look at this screenshot, which shows us that the validator reacts to an impossible date as well: And once again, if the clientside validation is not working, it will be catched in our Code Behind, as shown with the Required Field Validator.I have lost a day trying to get what is a simple date picker to work.Whenever I use the kendo version I just get blocked by this validation problem.

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