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You may, ironically, know more about an online date before you meet, but that's not necessarily an advantage: only online can you decide not to date someone for an incredibly trivial reason (he thinks flag burning is worse than book burning?! If you meet in person, that information comes out later, in the natural course of getting to know someone, and by then, what looked to be a red flag turns out not to be such a deal-breaker. Hell, I could easily argue that online dating makes people more likely to commit to a relationship early, so they can end their exhausting, time-consuming search for love.But even though my friends and I live in major cities where we technically don't have to worry about the "mate scarcity" Slater mentions, the fact is, it's hard to meet people in person. (Even someone who works at one of these sites finds online dating to be a tiring "means to an end.")Another thing I found strange was that Slater and the men he interviews (the article exclusively quotes men) express some unrealistic and oddly outdated assumptions about women.But throughout that process—dissecting your previous relationship, assessing new suitors—you are refining what you want in a partner, and getting better at seeking that out. But you don't just want to hook up just because of the Internet.So by all means, use the World Wide Web as your wingman. Grand Canyon University (GCU) does not tolerate retaliation.

If a formal investigation takes place, only a certain degree of confidentiality can be assured.This has nothing to do with gender; if anything, the men in my informal sample group are far more eager to be in a relationship than the women.Moreover, I don't know anyone who would prefer to meet their future mate online.(Apologies to the executive quoted by Slater who thinks "the process [is] so enjoyable, that marriage will become obsolete.") Online dating is a way to sort through a whole mess of people—or, as Slate's Amanda Hess calls it, in her great response to this article, a "horrific den of humanity." If one of those people is a good fit, you will take down your profile with some measure of relief, not regret.But thanks to sheer odds and chemistry and all that, most people are not a good fit, and so you keep dating.

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