Pang and tong dating

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Under Hideyoshi, Date receive a good amount of land including Iwatesawa castle which he renamed to Iwadeyama.

Soon after, Date went to participate in the Korean Invasion campaign on Hideyoshi's request.

Dynasty Warriors 8 is out now in the UK and releases July 16 in North America and July 25 in Australia.

Akechi decided to make a strategic retreat soon after.

With Akechi gone, Date rush towards Hana to give her a kiss.

Then he turn his attention towards Chikahito who he found out had also kissed Hana before.

In order to channel itself with enough power, Kurikara is held within Kojuro's body. Garyou Housuu is translated as the Sleeping Dragon (Garyou) and the Fledgling Phoenix (Housuu).

Thus, Kojuro's body serve as the scabbard of Kurikara. These two entity is a reference to the great Kong Ming (Zhuge Liang) and Pang Tong from the Three Kingdoms Era of China.

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