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'tell me what you accomplished' kind of thing. It's NOT unusual that we seek approval in other ways."Indeed, Naughton described his father to Forbes in fairly unforgiving terms.

What seemed odd about Naughton's fantasy defense was the fact that he was not playing a role in the chat rooms ("dads&daughterssex" was one of several he frequented, including "girls&oldermen" and "girls&olderguys") -- at least not in the conventional sense.

He sent "kris LA" links to stories about Patrick Naughton as well as photos of himself (including one of what he said was his erect penis) and bragged about his accomplishments and status in the Internet world.

(Before working at Infoseek, which Disney bought and merged into the Go Network, Naughton had been an executive at Paul Allen's Starwave, and at Sun Microsystems he had been among the engineers who wrote the code for Java.) But that was part of the fantasy, it seems.

She was wary of commencing a non-cyber relationship, having been raped by someone else she met online, so she proceeded tentatively.

(Naughton had his own reservations it seems, asking to speak to her on the phone on one occasion to make sure she was a woman.) She admired his success from a distance ("He was very proud online; he told me his salary was doubling every year") but any hopes either may have harbored for anything more came to an end when she sent him a photograph of herself.

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