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Then, when we ran out of things to say, I'd tell her not to be scared, that everything would be okay.Within days of her calls, the daydreams started, drifting in and out of my mind, before taking on a definite shape.

The morning I was returning home, my flight was delayed by seven hours, and suddenly, just like that, I had an extra day and no plans at all.Ernest Fenwick Mac Intosh, 71, a businessman from the province of Nova Scotia, was sentenced to seven years in prison in Nepal for sexually molesting a boy (above Nepalese police escorting Mac Intosh to his final hearing on Sunday)He arrived in Nepal on a tourist visa in August 2014 and was a frequent visitor to the children's shelter where the boy lived, and also gave the child promises of paying for a prosthetic arm while also offering him gifts and money.Pinched between the mighty Himalaya mountains and the steamy jungles of the Chitwan National Park, Nepal is a land of ice-capped peaks, smiling Sherpas, monks and monasteries.However big your gang is, ICQ has got room for everyone.Standing next to me, attracted to the same music, were three little girls.

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