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By using CO₂ as a refrigerant in combination with LSPM motor technology and, optionally, with intelligent electronics, ECOLINE compressors enable the highest energy efficiency possible.Standard motors can be attached to the compressors via coupling housing or belt drive.partnersuche christ sucht christ schmolly in unserem Rahmenstudio haben Sie die Möglichkeit für Ihre gewünschten Kunstdrucke, Grafiken, Poster und Fotografien direkt online einen passenden Bilderrahmen live dating site The compact semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors are suitable for a whole host of refrigerants.Our compressors boast an efficient suction gas–cooled motor, high-quality valve plates, wear-resistant drive gears and adjustable capacity control.

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    Caleb has started to learn some basic commands in English, but the trust are hoping someone who speaks the language will adopt him.