Live updating election results david duchovny dating gillian anderson

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This coalition sometimes happens at state level but has never been tried at national level.

The 63-year-old Chancellor has certainly provided the country with a sense of stability for more than a decade, but political apathy has gripped the nation and left many voters disillusioned about the lack of an alternative.There is a calm atmosphere as parents with children and elderly people cast their vote.Many are wary of the media amid increasingly alarmed headlines at the rise of the Af D, which is up to 13 per cent in the latest polls on the eve of the election.The anti-immigration and anti-Islam Alternative fur Deutschland is expected to be the first far-right party to win MPs in the Bundestag for half a century when polls close today – but the party may not fare quite as well as expected if early turnout figures are to be believed.Another man, who also asked not to be identified, agreed. It's like we are back to the years before the war and the rise of Hitler.

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