Hibernate saveorupdate not updating

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How can we make Hibernate use a different attribute rather than id to determine wether to insert or update a row. Here is my code : Code: List works; Work Based Quote wqt = new Work Based Quote(); Work Based Id work Based Id; ...

For example my data class is public Customer { private String cust Ref = ""; private String save Mode= ""; private ... I need to 'load' an object (let's say a person object with name Jack) in the session an object for validation 2. I'm trying to insert in one table with save Or Update. The code is the follow: HBM file: The In Action Hibernate book folks offer us examples of classes with the method names of make Persistent which will call the Hibernate Session()Or Update.

when I load c1 back from the database, remove c4 and store c1 into the database again, c4 is not removed from the database. Beginner Joined: Tue Nov 09, 2004 pm Posts: 44 I'm experiencing a problem with this method. So, I'll blow a credit and get you folks to explain it to me :-) My original understanding: - Load persistent object in business tier, pass it to UI via RMI - UI modifies object and passes it back via RMI (EJB call) - EJB method calls Or Update(detached Object) and... Hi, Having a superclass Employee and a subclass Content Producer mapped through the "table per subclass" mapping strategy, I cast an Employee instance to a Content Producer and tried to save the resulting object using the save Or Update method(), but with no success.

The query should be UPDATE but the query used is the INSERT. Beginner Joined: Mon Nov 15, 2004 pm Posts: 36 Hi, We hit some database performance problem in one of our test environment. I need to implement manual save Or Update method, (Object's id's are semantic keys that hibernate generates, but all they have a business key) pseudocode is save Or Update(Object o) but for many-to-one relations, I got "Object references to unsaved ... What happened, I guess, is that at first Hibernate was unable to save the Content Producer because of the existing Employee with ...

when I store c1 into the database, everything works fine.There's no need to use any of the methods with entity Name parameters if you're working with a pure POJO model. I'm having some wierd behavior in which save Or Update does not actually save my changes back to the database and no exceptions are thrown. Here is my Hibernate Mapping file for the Object in question: Hi, I need to ieterate 2 lists and save to database.Hi, I have learnt that Hibernate uses "unsaved-value" property of "id" element to determine wether to insert or update a row. But I could only save the first value coming and next ones not saving into the database.When you call save Or Update you will either update an existing record or insert a new one based on how Hibernate checks unsaved values - normally, whether or not the id been changed, or ... The only thing that seems a little confusing is that the rolename is unchanged. Do you think Hibernate has to show the statement in it' logs? Author Message supratim Post subject: can not saveorupdate please help Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 am Newbie Joined: Thu Feb 18, 2010 am Posts: 3 Hi all, I have this following mapping files.Hello, I am new to Hibernate and facing very basic problem and not able to found what's issue in the code ...... xml Code: [color=#000000]Hi, I have very strange problem using save Or Update.

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