Girlfriend needs break dating another guy

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Remedy: It is sad, but if you have gotten to this point, your relationship is pretty much over.

The best thing to do is be a man, and go tell all your friends how bad of a person she was and that she smelled like broccoli. Or, you could just listen to your Justin Timberlake CD and eat ice cream until all your worries are drowned in 5 pints of Ben & Jerry’s half baked. She says: I think we need a break Translation: I want to see if there are any better guys on the market!

If things are going well, women don’t need a break.

By nature, most women like being in monogamous relationships.

Chances are, you need to make yourself a better person, and then find a way to make her feel bad she left you.

While this may sound difficult, it is easily achievable with a little bit of imagination.

It is extremely difficult to effectively communicate with women.

But, if you look out for the above phrases and react quickly when they come up, you are sure to keep your ego from being bruised, and you may even save your relationship…but probably not, though.

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Oh well, at least you are still good at Warcraft, right?Use ambiguous phrases to make yourself sound smart while throwing in a few off color insults.The manly thing to do is dump her first before she has a chance to dump you. She says: I think we should be just friends Translation: You are not boyfriend material or I met someone better than you, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings This one really hurts.It usually happens out of the blue, and you well have a very difficult time seeing it coming. There is a very good chance that she has found someone smarter, better looking, and who doesn’t still watch Dragon ball-Z to replace you.Since you never showed any manly characteristics to begin with, there is no risk for her making this move.

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