Freshman dating a senior yahoo answers

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Now that you’re free from parents and curfews, you are your own boss!With the much-deserved freedom, some collegiettes go a little overboard.If you need directions, start by using a map on your phone to avoid any judgmental stares from upperclassmen.You should check to see if your school has an app; many university apps include a campus map for your convenience!Unless you want to be the star of the next “I’m Shmacked” video (a You Tube series that features crazy parties on college campuses) remember to stay in control of your drinking.There are several ways to do so: First, start your night by eating a proper, carbohydrate-filled dinner.

We hate to break it to you: lanyards aren’t cute accessories.

Trying to find your classes on the first day of school is the worst But you know what’s even worse?

Looking like a lost freshman, hauling around a giant map of campus.

To learn your limits when it comes to alcohol, you definitely should keep track of what you’re drinking.

Mobile apps such as Drink Buddy (.99 on i Tunes) can make the job easier for you so that you can enjoy the night and stay safe at the same time!

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