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She said she felt "terrorized." After the incident, she didn't leave her room for a week.And when she finally did go back to class, she couldn't concentrate.Bookshelves spill with tomes on hacking and programming.

"I know you're talking to each other right now! James's throat constricted; how did the stalker know what he was saying? Since its founding in 2002, the program's cyber squads have worked out of a cluttered, bustling office on Wilshire Boulevard, a maze of cubicles that looks more like the office of a video-game company than of a federal agency.The silence led to guesswork: Maybe he didn't really live there after all. Luis Mijangos was an unlikely candidate for the world's creepiest hacker.He lived at home with his mother, half brother, two sisters—one a schoolgirl, the other a housekeeper—and a perky gray poodle named Petra.They obtained search warrants for his Internet provider to check activity associated with his e-mail accounts and soon found dozens of victims."We could see all of these different communications he had with several different women doing the same thing," Rogers recalls.

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