Dating my ex nephew

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she may not want you in her son's life becaus eyou guys already walked out of it.

so be prepared for both outcomes but still try.^^^She (my nephew's mom) is the one who called me. But as for my parents, I've tried talking to them again today and there's just no negotiating with them...

But here's my dilemna: Should I keep respecting my brother's wishes or should I try to re-establish a relationship with my nephew (whom I haven't seen since his 4th birthday and he will 6 years old soon) at the possible risk of my brother doing something stupid ?? I would say go for it and have a relationship with your nephew.

If your brother hasn't put forth any effort to see him in 3 years, then he is probably just shooting off at the mouth, and couldn't be bothered to "come back and do whatever it takes to keep you from seeing his son". Your parents and youself deserve to know him, and he certainly needs to know you all too. This may cause division in the short term but hopefully in the long run, bro gets some help and deals with his issues. He needs to make ammends for his wrongs and not have you and the rest of the family punished coz of his mistakes. It's pure selfishness for him not wanting h is son to be at least be close to his family if he can't.

After all the child is your blood as well as your brothers..if your brother chooses to be this way..should your nephew suffer? If the childs mother is willing to let you be a part of his all means go for it...after all this child is lucky that someone from his family wants to see him..there are lots of children who dont get this opportunity.

She understands the situation and doesn't hold anything against us.... they are still in some sort of denial that my brother actually did anything wrong and are asking me to give him just a little more time to come around and take care of things.

Thank you all for your then your parents will be missing important time with their grandson.

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