Dating market value test for women

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Famous high status men are just men where more people know that they are on top of the pecking order, so it just increases the total quantity of available women but probably would not fundamentally alter the game.

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By answering the following questions you can calculate your combined worth in the eyes of (a) any she-beasts roaming outside your dungeon, and (b) fellow tough guys and pickup geniuses on the net...

WNB": 1 point - "Poorly-trimmed eyebrows can only mean one thing - globalist population control.

Say goodbye to Western civilization": 2 points - Always wrap up with randoms: 0 points - Rawdog or die. Master Race SMV: Men knowingly nod when you approach girls and sometimes even ask you how you did what you did.

I'm a newbie on this forum but i read a lot of The Red Pill websites but i didn't get any answer to one of the most important question: How can we calculate our sexual market value?

I searched a formula like "0 looks, @ money and status, 0 personality" but i didn't find anything like this.

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