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The predominantly black neighborhood sits in the shadow of downtown Tallahassee and the state Capitol, where power plays are exchanged and multi-million dollar projects take shape.

The opposite is true in Frenchtown, an area besieged by crime, drugs and poverty.

"There’s never been a financial intuition in Frenchtown that offered financial services without implementing outrageous rates or predatory lending practices."According to a 2012 report called "Profiting from Poverty: How Payday Lenders Strip Wealth from the Working Poor for Record Profits," state regulators found that payday loans cost borrowers a minimum of .4 billion in fees every year.

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Bethel, one of Tallahassee's largest and most prominent black churches, has been a major developer in Frenchtown. The partnership developed after Holmes discussed with FSU President John Thrasher the church's hope to construct a credit union.

Its current and future projects include a senior living facility; a housing community, a family counseling center, a recreational facility, a charter school and proposed mixed-use development with housing, retail and green and office space. Thrasher recommended a meeting with officials at the university's credit union, Holmes recalled.

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