Citibank consolidating student loans

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In fact, Citibank’s major competitor was the loan mega-giant, Sallie Mae.You may wonder what changed and why Citibank stopped offering private education loan options.But remember, any loan is a serious and binding agreement between you and your lender, and should not be entered into lightly.You will be responsible for all accrued interest on your loan, and will be expected to make full and timely repayment.

The Citi Assist loans offered students a number of unique advantages that set the company apart from other lenders.Read on to find out the wide array of loan services that were once offered through this bank: This was Citibank’s private student loan.There were six different paths that students could opt for, depending on their major.The original name of this bank was the City Bank of New York, but it later changed names a couple of times and finally settled on Citibank. In total, Citibank has nearly 1,000 bank branches which are heavily represented in large cities, such as Washington, D.C., New York City, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

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