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Is it self-aggrandizing for me to urge you to belong and be personally invested in a local church for your own sake? Statistically, one out of four church attendees are considered "church shoppers," with no real devotion to any particular local church.

An estimated 15-20 million Americans have said they are Christians, but don't want to be a part of the church.

There are two word pictures that make sense to us, two analogies that are obvious in this passage.

When we read them, we can see and feel what they mean.

And the point is powerful: Jesus wholeheartedly, unconditionally loves His Church.

I mean, I am a pastor and we're gathered with the Church now, and I'm here saying that it is vital to have a strong, growing relationship with the people of God, where you can encourage each other in Christ and pray for one another and bear each other's burdens and intervene when you see a brother or sister lapsing into sinful patterns.No, not the one that the Stilley family has coming this Thursday!There is no shortage of conversation on that around our home already, and we are excited for our son and our new daughter-in-law as this wonderful day approaches.I get to stand in the center of that aisle alongside the groom, so I get to the best view in the house.Tell you what I like to do: I always cut a look over at the groom's face.

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