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In 1978 they released a single "Rock n' Roll Rebel" with a b-side "Fantasy Man".

Only 1000 copies of the record were made and distributed in England.

Those who care for an adult child with SMI are even more likely to experience the negative effects of stress because of the length of time that they have had to cope with the difficult task of caring for a loved one with mental health issues.

Although there is a vast amount of evidence showing how caring for a child with SMI can negatively impact a parent’s psychological health, there is scant clinical evidence highlighting the deleterious physiological effects to the caregiver. Barker of the Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison addressed this specific dynamic in a recent study by examining the cortisol levels in individuals charged with the care of adult children with SMI.

He wrote and produced several songs for Angelyne, including "Animal Attraction", which was later featured in Julien Temple's movie Earth Girls Are Easy, where Angelyne had a cameo.The Angelyne Dream Experience, an experimental film by Dan Kapelovitz, who also worked on her EP Beauty & the Pink, was released in 1998.The short movie with elements of psychedelia features Angelyne driving in the streets of Los Angeles, greeting her fans and talking about out-of-body experience.The single was released in 1988 with remixes by Italian producer Pino Toma.Hagen mentioned Angelyne in her song "Super Freak Family" and her voice can be heard in the song "Pillow Talk".

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