Always single dating childless by choice dating

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Because of the shortness of this blog, the point of it and my desperate attempt not to get off tangent, I will summarize her chapter by letting you know that she passed away, and it has taken me years to accept that, but it taught me a valuable lesson you will read throughout this entry.

A couple months later I met a girl who we’re gonna call Isabel. I found her aggressiveness attractive so I did go out with her.

Despite the fact that we had our happy moments, there were a lot of terrible moments, and that was because I idealized who I wanted her to be for me and vice-versa.

There were tons of times when she would say something, I would respond and all of the sudden she’d be upset, and I didn’t know why the fuck she was so upset.

It didn’t make sense to me because they liked dudes anyway. I remember at the moment I smirked, but then while walking home I thought about how she said that and why she said it.

Then one night at a bar I bumped into a girl who I’d gone out with during this haze, ”So how are you? My conclusion was that she was hurt, so I stopped dating for a couple months to find out what I was doing wrong and fix it. I studied everything I liked and why, why do I love the ocean?

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Apparently my half-dead look was very appealing and so I dated around.So I took about five tests, some of them were stupid and some of them were more in depth, but the most helpful one was a one question quiz; ”What’s your name?”, I typed ”Karina” and then the freakin’ computer replied ”Karina, if you’re taking this test, you’re probably gay.” The question and my acceptance lasted two years and after I was sure of who I was, I went out there and tried to find a girlfriend, I wanted to be in a relationship because everyone else was, and this is how things started getting funky.In a way I guess you could say I fantasized him being almost an accessory to my happiness and so did she.We grew up a little bit, she found a romantic drummer to pair up with and started pressuring me into having a boyfriend so we could go out in a group, etc. I looked around and slowly but surely realized I loved hanging out with guys but I never wanted to kiss them… ” and all of the sudden my search results were online gay tests I could take to find out if I was, in fact, a lesbian.

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